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  Turn piles of drawings into a neat, accessible database

Since InfoSort is web-based, personnel can look up drawings without loading any software on their computers or on your servers. In fact, anywhere you can access the web, you can access your drawing database.

InfoSort is completely safe, secure and easy to use and can find your drawings fast.


InfoSort Benefits

Organizes All Drawings by Building, Floor, and Trade
Since each drawing is given a unique identifier based on the building, floor, and trade depicted, InfoSort enables you to find the exact drawing you want when you want it.

Stores and Protects Drawings from Loss
Once your existing drawings are scanned and entered into the InfoSort database, they are safe from being lost or destroyed. Also, InfoSort Systems backs up the entire database daily, so your CAD drawings and your scanned images are always protected.

Controls Who Can View and Download Drawings
You and your InfoSort administrator can control who can view and download your drawings.

Provides Immediate Access to Drawings
InfoSort enables the users you designate to access all your drawings in the database either in the office or in the field. With a valid user id and password, users can access the drawings from any computer. Since InfoSort is web-based, users can access the drawings twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Saves Time and Money

InfoSort saves the time wasted digging through piles of drawings to find just the right one, time and time again.

Scales and Prints Clean, “Original” Drawings
InfoSort enables you to print drawings in any size, dependent only on the capability of your printer.

Provides a History of the Facility
InfoSort lists all the drawings for a particular building, floor, trade, and project; so you can see a complete history of the construction and use of the facility.

Provides Safe and Secure, Private Access
InfoSort uses state-of-the-art technology, SSL (secure socket layer), on its server to ensure that your drawing database and uploaded and downloaded drawings are not compromised.

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