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  How InfoSort works for you...


InfoSort provides the power to find the exact drawing you need to get your project done.

You’re in your office on a Saturday and your client’s office is closed…
With InfoSort you can quickly view the drawing and get the answers you need for your project.

You’re on a job site on the other side of the country and a problem arises with another project at home...
With InfoSort, you can quickly find the drawing you need.

You’re a contractor bidding on a large project…
Since your client has InfoSort, you can download and print only the drawings you need for your proposal



When you need a drawing, just log onto InfoSort and enter the building depicted in the drawing, the floor, and the trade (architectural, plumbing, fire protection, etc.). InfoSort instantly provides a list of all the drawings in the database that meet those criteria. The list is sorted from the most recent date, but you can sort by any drawing information.

Once you find the drawing you want, depending on your access privileges, you can click to view the drawing, download it to your computer, or print it.

InfoSort Systems, Inc. can create and maintain the database with your CAD drawing files or scanned image files.

We can evaluate your hard copy files to determine how many need to be scanned and how many CAD drawing files need to be input into the database. When we receive the drawings in our office, we scan them, mark them Scanned, and return them to you. We update the database with pertinent information about each drawing, so the information is available and you’ll never have to waste time hunting for a drawing again.

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There are many factors involved in pricing, such as the location of the drawings, the condition of the drawings, and the size of the overall database. For a personalized quote, please contact us toll-free at 877-376-2340 or email us at



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